Revtech-powered Billy Bob is here to impress

revtech powered billy bob

Billy Bob has quite masculine and tough looks. With such killing looks, it can make a lot of people skip heartbeats. Oh wait! What do you think I am talking about? All these are features of a motorcycle named Billy Bob. I bet you thought I was talking about some guy here. Anyways, some products have weird names and must say they manage to fetch a lot of attention. Billy Bob is a motorcycle designed by the Cologne-based German Motorcycle Authority. This Revtech-powered bike is a classic, and it managed to gather a lot of appreciation and a trophy as well at the Custom Chrome European Championship recently.

The bike has an extraordinary performance because of a six-speed power drive. The customized bike with a wet weight of 550 lbs (251kg) has been given clean cuts and has an unmatched assemblage. The hydraulic suspension finds a place on the seat unit that has a very sparkling appearance. No doubt, its weight is less than a Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty-Eight but when it comes to power it leaves behind the Harley. Pumping out 115 hp are the Revetch’s 110 motor, this is almost double to what Harley’s 73 cu. in. Evolution motor is capable of pumping.

Billy Bob in its classic avatar clubbed with fresh designing and power in its wheels, will without any doubt leave a mark wherever it goes.

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