A DIYer creates 100ft replica of legendry Titanic ship in his back garden

titanic 1

Mention Titanic and I can bet even a new born child will narrate what happened to the ill-fated ship. The luxury ship sank on 15 April 1912 after hitting an iceberg, but till date remains the most talked about passenger liner. On the 100th anniversary of this tragic happening, Stan Fraser, 46-year-old marine enthusiast, has come up with a 100ft version of the very famous Titanic which will act as a maritime museum and cafe. According to Stan Fraser

It all started when I decided on a nautical theme for the house. My mother told me loads of seafaring stories, and I think that developed my love of the sea. I put a porthole in the window at the back door because we are beside the canal and then built a model of a pirate ship on my cousin’s old rowing boat for the children. I think the Titanic is the most beautiful ship ever made and much prettier than any liner today.

Fraser has invested eleven years of his life to give his dreams a shape of reality. It will come swathed with the Titanic feel all complete with multi-decibel foghorns and lights piercing through the portholes, sparkling with all their worth. The scaled-down model has four belching funnels which ooze out smoke. This is based on the fog effects that were a common sight during the rock and roll years. Using two caravans as the base, he managed to craft a lifelike replica of the ship.

What started as fun took altogether and that too at a time when the centenary of disaster is around. The wonderful replica manages to attract a lot of attention from onlookers. Fraser wants to open his creation complete with a nautical museum and cafe for public viewing in April 2012, exactly after 100 years the ship died a sad death.

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