Gold-chromed Infiniti G-37 convertible impounded by Chinese Police

gold car

With soaring gold prices, anyone who owns some is looked at with envy. Out on the streets to make a lot of enemies, was an Infiniti G-37 convertible covered with Gold. The vehicle managed to gather a lot of attention on a small busy street of Nanjing, China, not because they were in awe after seeing a vehicle swathed with the yellow metal, but because it was not parked correctly. A well-dressed couple appearing to be the owners, halted their golden creation near the sidewalk blocking traffic.

The attention grabber even attracted police personnel, who managed to slap a fine on the couple even after the gold blinded them. Well, they were not that blind after all. The cops happened to notice that besides the wrong parking, the convertible did not possess a license plate either. What followed next was a tow truck which pulled away the sparkling gold creation, amidst shutterbugs and people gathered on the street. Well, some say that it was just a publicity stunt to endorse the vehicle, by a nearby store that had custom made it. But the real question remains, why would someone want a gold painted car to visit the nearby police station? Maybe they believe that negative news fetches more attention and hence, more potential buyers.

Humans act weird at times and don’t mind letting go of super expensive stuff that cost them a bomb. Like lately an Lamborghini Gallardo owner from China got his car axed on ‘World Consumer’s Day’ because he was not happy with the servicing of his car. Another Chinese man from Shenyang, got so frustrated with his ¥2 million 2010 Land Rover Range Rover breaking down every now and then, that he got the car pulled by two donkeys and then asked for a full refund.

Chinese luxury car owners have gone berserk without a second thought, and seeing the numbers increasing with time, it definitely seems like there’s no looking back.

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