Sneak Peek: Spada Codatronca Monza

spada codatronca monza

The Sneak peek

Pictures of the much waited Spada Vetture Sport Codatronca Monza are making rounds on the internet. Before its official presentation at Top Marques Monaco, pictures of the customized model, crafted for racing, have been leaked hence killing a lot of enthusiasm.

It has a supercharged 7.0-liter V8 engine with 700 PS (515 kW / 690 hp). The roadster will come fitted with a six-speed manual transmission and will weigh 1,250 kilogram (2,756 pound). Such features should make the Corvette Z06 based car speedy. Codatronca Monza has amazing clean and sharp features. It is low-slung and has a stern end typical to that of the Codatronca TS. The speedy vehicle is going to be a sinner on roads.

First take

The sports car can touch a top speed of 340km/h and within 3.4 seconds it can accelerate from 0-100km/h. Its novel crafting and eye-appealing features will make it an instant hit. Monza will shower speed once it is set in motion. Its 1250kg frame will get pumped with power from the Chevrolet Corvette Z06, 690-hp supercharged V8. Coupled with a 6-speed manual transmission, its middle name has to be speed.


The speedy 1,250 kilogram (2,756 pound) Spada Codatronca Monza will come mated with a six-speed manual transmission. This roadster will be wedged with a supercharged 7.0-liter V8 engine with 700 PS (515 kW/690 hp).

The rumor mill

To know the ripples that sneak peek at Spada Codatronca Monza created around the web, here we are presenting you some of the views from the top ranking sites across the web.


The Spada Vetture Sport Codatronca Monza will be good enough because it is powered by a 690-hp supercharged V8 from the Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Weighing in at just 2,756 pounds and mated to a 6-speed manual transmission, the Codatronca Monza is expected to blistering fast.


The Codatronca is the company’s first attempt at a supercar and it uses an aluminum space frame and magnesium engine cradle coupled with the aforementioned Corvette engine. To make things just a tad more interesting, Spada adds twin superchargers to the already-potent 427, bringing the horsepower total to a heady 700.


The Spada Codatronca Monza Roadster will probably be heavier than the coupe version, due to the added weight of the reinforcements required by the removal of the roof. This means that the performance figures will also drop. The TS Codatronca, the coupe, needs 3.4 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) and has a top speed of 340 km/g. Spada’s roadster will probably have the same top speed, but the 0-62 mph acceleration time might go a bit above the 3.4 s mark. Spada says that the Codatronca Monza was developed mainly for track use, but it will be road legal in most markets. The production of the Monza roadster is expected to be limited to a small number of units.


The Spada Codatronca Monza will more than likely feature the same V8 engine found in its older brother, the Codatronca TS. The TS was going to be offered in three different variants; a TS “Sport Tourism” with 512 HP engine, a TSV “Fast Sport Tourism” with 513 HP, and a TSS “Sport Super Tourism” with 700 HP. The TSS “Sport Super Tourism” was even capable of a 211mph top speed; unfortunately, it never saw the light of production day. The only variant that successfully stomped across the production line was the tamer of the three - the TS - which brought in $425,000 per unit. It is rumored that the Monza version will feature a larger power output than that of the TS, with a probable 630 hp at 6500 rpm and 492 lbs-ft at 4800 rpm.

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