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MSRP: $ 70.150 to 137.000 Invoice: $ 64.545 to 126.045
2011 BMW 7 Series news, photos and information New varieties of luxury: BMW 7-Series for 2010 model year
After a successful import market for the BMW 7-Series will continue to grow its position in the year 2010, an innovative model for various § egmènt luxury. New powertrain and other accessories for the voltage and the driving experience and excellent efficiency, and BMW's luxury sedan class.
BMW 740D will be introduced in the fall, for example, for the first time new technology turbo-diesel six-cylinder BMW TwinPower and maximum power of 225 kW/306 hp. The range of models both diesel, BMW 730D, underlining its position as the most economical model of emissions and the lowest in the world in luxury good or reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and an optional blue BMW Performance Technology. That is why BMW offers a new model of production already meets emissions standards EU6 today.
This innovation is BMW 7-Series range offers a variety of interesting egmènt § prestigious luxury. Includes new top-of-the-range BMW 760i and BMW 760Li, twelve-cylinder power plant, the BMW 7-Series is now available in three petrol and two diesel.
Intelligent BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive also must introduce the BMW 7-Series for the first time in model year 2010, while new services will begin in the fall of 2009, the M Sport package available on all models of BMW 7 Series -.
Debut of the world: six-cylinder diesel engine in the BMW 740D Turbo TwinPower technology.
New diesel models in the BMW 7 series is characterized by spontaneous and maximum grip and traction and superior performance. BMW 740D engine features, the new six-cylinder, all-aluminum engine technology TwinPower offer BMW turbo and common rail direct injection with piezo injectors operate with up to 2000 bar injection pressure.
Variable Twin Turbo Tax liability of principles and two differently sized turbochargers between the ideal and work individually or in teams, depending on whether the leading power and performance requirements. High pressure fuel injection to ensure proper dosage, especially by optimizing the fuel efficiency of cars and the output of the engine.
New electricity sources generate maximum power of 225 kW/306 hp and maximum torque of 600 pound-ft Newton-metres/442 maintained between 1500 and 2500 rpm. This is a BMW 740D performance so far, but offers more resources, and now the economy is characterized by six-cylinder BMW diesel is excellent.
BMW 740D can accelerate from stop to 100 km / h in 6.3 seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 250 km / h or 155 km / h
Average fuel consumption 6.9 litres/100 km EU test cycle (amounting to 40.9 mpg imp) and CO2 emissions rating of 181 g / km, and finally signed the effectiveness of this class of records.
performance of the current Blue BMW: BMW 730D EU6 meet emissions standards.
Leading edge current range of diesel engines for BMW to introduce new models already meet future emissions standards EU6 today. BMW is therefore a growing leader in the use of exhaust gas emission control technologies that meet strict European standards that are designed for the future.
Furthermore, already introduced in the autumn of 2008 BMW 330D, BMW 730D is installed as an option in a blue BMW Performance Technology. BMW 730D is a blue BMW performance of diesel particulate filters and oxidation catalysts and addition of standards for NOx storage catalytic converter. As a result, the exhaust gas processing engine 180 kW/245 hp in the new six-cylinder diesel engine with reduced NOx standard has not come into force before the introduction EU6 2014.
Introduction of the BMW Performance Blue Technology has no effect on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of the BMW 730D, a buy-down further, re-model year 2010. Change the engine and gearbox to reduce fuel consumption on average, BMW 730D set the EU test cycle litres/100 6.8 km (equivalent to 41.5 mpg imp), CO2 emission levels up to 178 grams per kilometer range. As a result, BMW 730D is to expand its leading position as the best luxury sedan egmènt §.
As with other model versions, the BMW 730D engine owes outstanding efficiency is a high technology, as well as a strong influence on the BMW EfficientDynamics, of course, standard. How does the energy to drive a vehicle fuel BMW 7-Series will see in the future, except that the fuel gauges, instrument panel in 2010, as supplemented by model-year recovery from the index.
Graphical display, the fuel consumption indicator is currently at the bottom of the tachometer will be present generation of electric currents in tolerance and brake at the same time, the blue arrows will be activated immediately after Brake Energy Regeneration energy input into the rail network without the fuel consumption in the process.
BMW 750i xDrive, BMW 750Li and xDrive: BMW xDrive debut double 7-series.
BMW has been offering all-wheel drive system is an intelligent, before the BMW X models as well as the BMW 5 Series and BMW 3-Series, promotions, and driving characteristics as well as stability and traction. Characteristics, the BMW xDrive, BMW is the world's most successful manufacturer of premium, all-wheel-drive vehicles § egmènt. And now the choice of cars has expanded again with BMW xDrive.
From model year 2010, the first time BMW xDrive, BMW 7 Series. BMW 750Li and 750i xDrive, BMW xDrive is, electronically controlled permanent four-wheel-drive to the appropriate division of power and 300 kW/407 hp, the BMW V8 Turbo Technology TwinPower produced, so eat all the requirements of each situation.
Separation of powers a multi-plate clutch which is controlled electronically, xDrive feeds just the right amount of energy in all positions of the shaft, which allows the wheels on the best grip on the road. Accurate and fast control power to the distribution of BMW luxury sedan four-wheel-drive and get on top, and excellent safe driving behaviors in all situations.
Dynamic action, xDrive also helps to have a new performance luxury models for this behavior is technology-neutral in the upper corner and the stability of a typical four-wheel drive BMW. Curves, the greater use of power fed back into the car even more agile and avoid understeer.
§ xDrive technology is based on forward operating angle azo. While the smooth straight in front and rear distribution ratio of 40:60 or even 80 percent of drivers who drive shaft behind the curve, thus ensuring azo § spontaneously follows closely the actual behavior and the bending radius. Then, when you leave the complex momentum distribution returned to normal levels, while the maximum traction when accelerating in a straight line.
M Sports package for the first time is the BMW 7-Series.
BMW 7 Series is not only characterized by a definite style, exceptional comfort and innovative features, but the engine and suspension technology of high dynamic and impressive sporty performance. § No other luxury sedan like egmènt offers a dynamic driving experience on the level and quality.
Now here is the Forte and the BMW 7-Series also can be the first time BMW sport package, which still points to both sides, and in their vehicles more Sheer driving pleasure, and the view is truly unique.
M Sport Package includes an aerodynamic package, and chrome trim, especially the front and rear aprons, illuminated entry cut M and BMW Individual high-gloss Shadow Line.
Together with M Sport package, the customer is also the exclusive choice of Carbon Black metallic surface, the other six alternative organization colors.
Dynamic clearly in the car, round 19 inch M Double-spoke alloy wheels, front and rear tires sized stomach. This alternative is a 20-inch alloy wheels M double-spoke wheels of the frame, again front and rear tires.
And last but not least, BMW's Dynamic Drive is an electronically controlled M-Sport Package for BMW 7 Series.
Leather trim sports seats, M leather multi-function button azo § wheels and footrests M emphasizes the active nature of the performance luxury sedan in the cabin. BMW Individual anthracite roof lining and interior of the internal atmosphere of refined aluminum frame, which focuses on athletic performance.
BMW 760i and BMW 760Li BMW Individual anthracite Alcantara finally come kattovuoraukseen and wood quality.
BMW M Sport Package is available on all models of BMW 7-Series, as well as conventional and extended wheelbase.

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