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                               2011 Bentley Continental Flying Spur Series 51 Image
2011 Bentley Continental Flying Spur Series 51 news, photos and information New goals for Bentley Continental Flying Spur 2012
• 14 range of choices Continental Flying Spur Design "series 51" released
Advanced • Intuitive touch screen technology introduced on a Flying Spur and Continental Infotainment Supersport models

(Crewe, England 11. November 2010) Continental Flying Spur and its stablemate sporting 200 mph (322 km / h) Flying Spur Speed is the most successful travelers four-door Bentley Duchy history among ultra-luxury car sales best in the world.
Since its launch, flying several remarkable success achieved worldwide sales of traditional markets like the U.S., Britain and the Middle East emerging markets like China and Russia luxury.
Flying along spur new generation of luxury car brand Bentley buyers played a key role in reviving the company. Flying spur combination of art, the dynamic performance, style and function appeal equally to those who need driving experience exciting for those who want refinement and comfort.
Now the luxurious style of the Flying branch is more compelling with the introduction of a series of dramatic designs Series 51, for the first time the GT Continental GTC. Customers of both Flying Flying Spur Speed model number can now choose from a variety of 14 models and 51 sets recommended by experts Bentley trim color. Furthermore, all models, Continental Flying Spur SuperSport are now listed with the state of the art standard, 30GB touch screen infotainment system, fully integrated into their huts in hand.
Continental Flying Spur Series 51
Bentley Series 51 design represents its most vibrant. This allows customers of both Continental Flying Spur and the Order Flying Spur Speed "the peg" from a variety of innovative and exclusive recommended combinations created by the color of the company designers cut staff Bentley Crewe, England , Dirk van Braeckel, director of Bentley Design Notes:
"The concept of the series 51 design is inspired by the spirit of Bentley at Crewe office swearing style talent created by John Blatchley, who designed the original icons of the Bentley Continental 1950. Today, it offers a bespoke service for nearly control for thousands of configurations available through the catalog expands Bentley trim color.
First offered on the GT Continental GTC in 2009, the Bentley team color and trim now made no less than14 Series 51 unique designs for Flying Spur and Continental Flying Spur Speed, which allows customers to customize their cars to taste their personal June Melinda Jenkins, color and trim manager, says:
"All 51 Series Flying Spur identified - especially in -.- point where the team approach has created a wide choice of three tone inside to show the full potential of the company colors and wide"
For Series 51 paintings, Bentley design team working on "rule of three" principle to create complex colors, but the harmonization of depth and beauty, inspired by a simple choice of three contrasting colors customer. With wood veneers and leather hides of prestige as the main document, the color and cut experts start with the main color in the color (usually darker) and then choose to add a second to provide an attractive contrast. essential skill is to identify the color of the "accent" third pipe seam.
The choice of sides of panels of wood or aluminum to the dashboard to complete the overall look of a conflict or even higher, if the customer wants.
Bentley limited edition Pomele reserved Sapelli veneer (which provides a rare side effect of diving in the forest of course) for Series 51 Flying Spur and a variety of other options, including leather trim for the seats and scatter cushions for kids Bentley -rear seats can also be specified to complete a single design.
While the 14 options for 51 Flying Spur Series provide customers the ability to choose a work of Bentley the most eye-catching design, color, cut and staff are happy to create designs ever made, knowing that they just showed some of the options, like Melinda June Jenkins, explains:
"One of the most fascinating aspects of the design 51 of the series is a response to Bentley customers will continue to explore what we offer. Series 51 provides a starting point and now we create designs that strong statement even more personal than that. "
Cut Series 51 range of two color paint options
Using the same color similarity extended body of all series 51 Continental Flying Spurs. A variety of interchangeable, inspired by John Blatchley two-tones paint choices of accent color on the hood, roof and trunk can be elaborated.
Color color range includes fresh and crisp with rich shades of light and everything else with the color of the Bentley and the team recommends lining one of three interior colors selected to complement and highlight the relationship between internal and external .
Bentley also created a series of graphite wheels 51, finished nine-spoke, 19-inch sport alloy, while the two wings badges Series 51, placed behind the wheel arches front, full appearance personal.
As well as sports, the latest Continental Flying Spurs, including the Series 51 models, can now be configured with distinctive brake calipers vented blue side, designed by Bentley head outside design Raul Pires. These elegant openings located behind the arches of the front wheels are set on a plate decorated with unique fender is finished in black or silver thread.
advanced technology and intuitive touch screen infotainment
All Flying Spur Bentley Continental model Supersport 2012 coupe and convertible models now feature a new infotainment system and advanced touch screen that offers rich images map integrated 30 GB hard disk.
Car screen 8 - audio system inch, telephone, travel in comfort parameters navigation system later, using both drive hard disk drive DVD player access to the data driving. It also uses dynamic navigation to avoid heavy traffic spots, locate destinations using geo-tagged photos SD memory card is compatible with Google Maps to more markets.
Infotainment system with input code seven digits mail, the touch screen and knurled classic Bentley Rotary switches deliver ease of use and immediate feedback crystals. GUI display is specified by the design team at Bentley for its graphics are pretty classic, inside hand. "Knurled" switches the screen, for example, are "virtual" Head Rotary switches knurled texture jewel-like following.
Continental Flying Spur models also benefit from the latest music player Supersport and telephone connectivity, digital TV (if available) and playback of DVD movies. Music can be played directly on the iPod and six disc CD changer control, SD card reader directly from the drive or hard drive can store up to 15GB of music.
Infotainment system is complemented by a new driver information panel (DIP) on the main dashboard. The new technology uses DIP TFT widescreen enhanced graphic provide the driver with a clear and accessible to a wide range of vehicle systems. These include the establishment of "coming home" controls the headlights, door locks and mirror control functions while providing improved significantly as phone and features Bluetooth connectivity media comparison.
The new 2012 model year Continental Flying Spur, Flying Spur Speed series of design options 51, 2012 Convertible Coupe with Supersport models for sale from March 2011.

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